The Platypedia is the in-game encyclopaedia that contains images, size information, coin per second statistics and brief descriptions about the platypuses. Entries are unlocked as each creature is mutated.

Each of the platypuses currently available in the app are listed below in the order they appear in the Platypedia, with the arrows showing how they mutate. Note that each playthrough will only yield one Universe being, so the five Platypuses are separate.

Pond Platypus Right arrow Adult Platypus Right arrow Sharkipus Right arrow Platycorn Right arrow Petipus Right arrow Platypsy
Land Billwheel Right arrow Plit-plat Right arrow Platipair Right arrow Triplat Right arrow Platterbrain Right arrow Platypile
World Qwock Right arrow Ornithorax Right arrow Platiplier Right arrow Gnattipus Right arrow Platula Right arrow Complexipus
Universe Thanatipus | Plotuspus | Sun Wuquack | Prettypus | Platypuseidon
Mars Alien Platypus Right arrow Martypus Right arrow Plattongue Right arrow Zorgypus Right arrow Melty Right arrow Quackzoid Right arrow Dioxypus Right arrow Platinity Right arrow Pyroplatters Right arrow Prakploid Right arrow Holyshippus Right arrow Platargeddon
Pluto Platypluto > Platyfreeze > Super Saiyapus > Platybull > Bluepus > ???

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