• Ashwinator


    March 9, 2016 by Ashwinator

    Ludoctopus is the final alien you will find on Mars.It takes 2.1 million rubies to get a ludoctopus.If you try to merge two ludoctopus together it will just say Stop human I am perfect the way I am so stop!ludoctopus gives 4000 rubies per second and is cool too

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  • Hmjb1993

    Working on it

    January 18, 2015 by Hmjb1993

    Just trying out a template idea for the platypuses at the moment (you might notice the Triplat page looks slightly different to the others!) Only problem so far is that it hinges on correct spelling.

    That and there aren't yet pages for each area (like I helped make over on the Cow Evolution Wiki) so those links will all be red.

    The template is mainly so that if any more platypuses are added to the game it will be quicker and simpler to make the pages. And also I like messing about with Wiki coding. And I have an exam tomorrow so I need to distract myself somehow.

    Currently on my 5th time through Platypus Evolution, have unlocked the last ultimate being and have levelled it up to Level 20 just cause I can. My platypedia is full. On my 9th time…

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